Tallahassee Media Impact Project

Video Series

The goal of the Tallahassee Media Impact project is to address issues faced in Tallahassee through media productions.

'Bigger than just numbers': Tallahassee teens point camera at youth poverty, 32304 ZIP code

"What began as a local teenager's internship evolved into a multimedia project highlighting youth poverty...."

Purposeful Documentarians: Three committed youths confront social inequities with action

"...professional production quality of the Youth Poverty documentary, which features interviews with youths, as well as leaders..."

"Opportunity" A Documentary on Youth Poverty in Tallahassee

This documentary gives an overview of the poverty faced by thousands of youth in Tallahassee. The documentary was  presented to 250+ community leaders including members of the Florida state legislature during Whole Child Leon's 2020 Summit on Children. 

The Tallahassee Pop-Up Preschool Initiative

The Gen Z Media team interviewed Courtney Atkins, Whole Child Leon Executive Director, and Talethia Edwards, President of Greater Bond Neighborhood Association, in order to gain insight on the impact of the Popup Preschool Program. 

Our Community: Indian Immigrants in Tallahassee

This production tells the story of several members of Tallahassee's Indian Community. The documentary was presented to nearly 400 people at the 2019 Utsav Festival in Tallahassee. 

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